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RCL Worship Planning

Worship Planning Resources for the Revised Common Lectionary

Does your congregation or faith community follow the Revised Common Lectionary for worship? RCL Worship Resources by Clergy Stuff™ is your source for inclusive, theologically-progressive worship planning materials. Resources are high quality and include everything you need to plan for—and preside at—your congregation's worship service. What's more, the materials are based off of the Revised Common Lectionary at competitive pricing.

2019-20 Year A Resources On Sale Now


simple, easy-to-access information you want & need

RCL Worship Resources by Clergy Stuff™ has designed money-saving, progressive worship packages to give you the liturgical planning materials you need to simply plan and effectively carry out worship in your congregation.


grace-centered, contextually-relevant theology

God's grace is the center of the gospel; worship should reflect it. Our writers and designers have crafted beautiful, contextually-relevant, gender-neutral, inclusive and compelling worship preparation materials to reach people today.


fully downloadable content–print only what you want

RCL Worship Resources by Clergy Stuff™ offers the easiest, most cost effective solution you're searching for to plan for worship. The digital content is easy to access and readily available from your desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device.


free daily devotional for the Revised Common Lectionary

Use our free daily devotions as a supplement to the worship resources. The adult take home bulletin God's Story–Our Story™ for the Revised Common Lectionary refers to the complimentary Bible studies we produce weekly. (Explore the calendar yourself—begins on Nov. 29, 2018. Or, search below for specific topics.)


free samples for you to download & use

Try out our resources for a full month, free of charge.
Don't worry; it's on us. Here's also a link with a plethora of free downloadable church resources you can pore over.


Testimonials, Founder's Message & Resource Samples

Church Worship Preparation for the Revised Common Lectionary

"I've used Clergy Stuff Narrative Lectionary worship resources for a while now. I was excited to see them offering free resources as well as resources for the RCL. I can't wait to see the preaching series resources they are developing. They keep increasing their offerings for forward-thinking congregations."

– Pastor Sue Gravelle, Newport, MN

Dr. Kimberly "Kace" Leetch

"I think the most exciting thing about this new resource is how congregations will be able to customize and streamline their worship in the way that best fits their ministry context."

– Dr. Kimberly "Kace" Leetch, Founder of RCL Worship Resources by Clergy Stuff

I’ve been happily using your NL resources for several years now. This year, we decided to switch over to RCL for a cycle, so I was very pleased to get your announcement this morning about the RCL resources and went and downloaded them almost immediately. Everything we have used has been top-notch, and I’m sure the RCL resources will be the same.

Thank you to you and your colleagues for being a valuable ministry partner.
— Pastor Diana, First Baptist Church in South Bend, Indiana
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Planning Made Easy & Done Right

RCL Worship Resources by Clergy Stuff provides everything congregational leaders require to plan and lead worship.

deluxe package includes:

  • Revised Common Lectionary text exegesis by Dr. Kace Leetch

  • online links for other textual resources

  • intercessory prayers, collects, Eucharistic invitations, and offertory prayers

  • word art

  • KidStuff™ RCL childrens' bulletins

  • God's Story – Our Story™ adult take-home inserts

  • hymn and praise music suggestions

  • meaningful litanies

  • skits, plays, creative expressions for every week

  • Kid's Storytime children's sermons

  • original artwork

  • photos for newsletter and/or worship use

  • Revised Common Lectionary worship planning sheets

  • interactive, customizable Power Point® templates


See how much you can save.

God's Story–Our Story™ Family Take-Home Bulletins

God's Story–Our Story™ Family Take-Home Bulletins

KidStuff™ Worship Activity Children's Bulletins.

KidStuff™ Worship Activity Children's Bulletins.