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Planning for Worship in UCC Congregations

Theologically Progressive and Relevant Liturgical Planning

The UCC (United Church of Christ) is one of the “Seven Sisters” of mainstream protestant denominations. As such, their roots stem from not only Reformed theological traditions, but also a mix of Lutheran and congregationalist heritages. UCC leaders want to prepare for Sunday service using on point, grace-centered calls to worship, prayers, and also make a relevant connection to their parishioners’ everyday lives in adult take-home bulletins.

As more UCC churches feel the pinch to find worship materials within a budget, RCL Worship Resources has made it our mission to meet the challenge! We invite UCC pastors and other church staff to use our worship planning materials freely, and also to frequently check in with all of our free resources, photos, links, and podcasts to keep up to date with worship and liturgy trends.