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We know that congregational leaders like you want information that helps you not only with the proclamation of the word and the administering of sacraments, but also simple, straightforward guides for important faith-related topics. We've assembled some of the more popular topics within this easy-to-use menu, as well as provided you with easy access to download all the resources to read at your leisure as a PDF handbook. Or, feel free to read the articles directly online.

  1. Proclaiming Christ Crucified
  2. Making Bible Study Come Alive
  3. How Can I Pray Better?
  4. Antiracism Resources for Churches
  5. Liturgy Tools
  6. Using Creativity in Worship
  7. Free Blessings for Church (and More)
  8. Free Images for Worship
  9. Helpful Free Resource Links for Churches
  10. Syndicated Podcast Ordinary Voices: Finding Hope in Life

What's more, the topic guide suitably accompanies the RCL daily devotional also found on this website, as well as the Revised Common Lectionary worship planning materials including the preaching series you've been looking for.

We'll be updating this page frequently; feel free to access and use the material whenever you like. 


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