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Luke 5:1-11, Jesus Walks With Us

Key Verse

Simon answered, ‘Master, we have worked all night long but have caught nothing. Yet if you say so, I will let down the nets.’
— Luke 5:5

RCL Daily Devotion for Sunday, February 10, 2019

RCL Daily Devotions written by Dr. Kimberly Leetch from RCL Worship Resources (see more).


Main Idea: Jesus walks with us when our lives change in an instant.

One of my favorite characteristics of Jesus is that it seems he often made it up as he went along. While speaking to the crowds, Jesus became crowded, so he looked around, saw a boat, and climbed aboard. (Quick thinking on Jesus’ part… if you’ve ever gone swimming in a lake, you know water has the power to carry a voice loud and far.) After finishing his speech and realizing, perhaps quite suddenly, that he has just delayed the fishermen from retiring for the evening. Perhaps as a thank-you, Jesus offered to help them catch enough so that they wouldn’t have to get up quite so early the next morning. Then, as one of the fishermen realized that he was standing next to greatness, he spontaneously praised Jesus. Perhaps just as spontaneously Jesus called him to follow him. That’s how life is sometimes, moving unexpectedly, moment to moment.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Smashburger. And my absence isn’t because I dislike their food – their olive oil, rosemary, garlic french fries are to die for! I haven’t gone back, because of something that happened there. One afternoon, I was running errands with my son when lunchtime rolled around. The franchise had just opened in town, so I had never been before. The day was going to go like this: breakfast, doctor’s visit, mall, Smashburger, Target, dinner, homework, bed. All went according to plan until Smashburger. As I got up to refill my soda, my cell phone rang. It was the doctor’s office looking to speak with my son. It turns out, since he had just turned 18– for, like, 15 seconds at that time! – the staff at the doctor’s office couldn’t speak to me without first getting his consent. So, they told him the news instead. The quick MRI they had ordered to rule out anything serious, instead showed signs of MS. Our whole world took an abrupt and sharp turn. It took less than 60 seconds for the whole course of my son’s life to change dramatically. All we could do was hang on for the ride. And trust that we wouldn’t ride alone.

One could argue that Simon Peter’s abrupt life-change was for the worse, as his whole livelihood and skill set no longer meant anything. Or perhaps it was for the better, because he got to walk in the footsteps of the greatest man ever to walk the planet. I could argue that my son’s abrupt life-change was for the worse, as his whole future seemed to be filled with uncertainty and potential hazards. Or perhaps it was for the better, because he gets to walk in the footsteps of the greatest man ever to walk the planet. When you have nothing else grounding you, walking in Jesus’ footsteps might just be the only thing that keeps you tethered to the earth.


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Luke 5:1-11

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