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Luke 13:22-31, On Being Saved

Key Verse

Someone asked him, ‘Lord, will only a few be saved?’
— Luke 13:23a

RCL Daily Devotion for Wednesday, March 20, 2019

RCL Daily Devotions written by Daniel D. Maurer from RCL Worship Resources (see more).

Maybe because I just have an inherent allergy to evangelical or overly-fundamentalist language, but I really dislike the term “saved.” But, Jesus himself used the language. What do you do with that?

And what do you do with the fact that Jesus himself stated that people will call upon the Lord, stating all the things they have done in that name, and God will only reply “I did not know you”?

It’s fear-inducing, isn’t it?! And God’s not about fear, is God?

Again, when you read anything in scripture it’s important to know the original context in which the statement was made. In this context in Luke, Jesus is confronting those who believe themselves to be self-justified. Those leaning on the grace of God, and through faith, I interpret as automatically being in the family.

Only when a person directly confronts and rebels the Holy Spirit, believing themselves without the need for saving will discover that, oops, maybe I didn’t go about this the right way.

God wants us to live in confidence of God’s grace, not as an excuse to sin and go against God, but that we might know that we will always be counted among God’s children. We will already be “saved” because it is God who does the saving.

Expand my understanding of your grace, O Lord, teach me your paths, that I might not run astray and believe I can do it on my own. Amen.


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Luke 13:22-31

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