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Luke 12:32-40, Small Changes, Bit by Bit

Key Verse

‘Be dressed for action and have your lamps lit; be like those who are waiting for their master to return from the wedding banquet, so that they may open the door for him as soon as he comes and knocks.
— Luke 12:35

RCL Daily Devotion for Sunday, August 11, 2019

RCL Daily Devotions written by Daniel D. Maurer from RCL Worship Resources (see more).

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Main Idea: We can make ourselves alert and ready by making incremental changes to our lifestyle.

I’ve been on way too many diets. Most have not helped me. Here’s the main reason: they were not lifestyle changes. They were temporary fixes to a permanent problem. They were based on deprivation and willpower. Here’s what has worked: when I made real, lasting changes to my eating habits that were healthy, tasty, fueled my body, and extremely satisfying. It took work at first, but as the changes became new habits, it became easier. And my body craved the new foods. I felt like this was a new life for me, not a desperate attempt to cheat nature.

This story of Jesus’ is similar. He wasn’t asking people to go on a fad diet – to strive through worry and intimidation to stay awake in the middle of the night. This approach is bound to fail because it’s not genuine nor is it lasting. Jesus expects people to live in a state of alertness and readiness. He wants people to be aware and active, not passive and content. Such a state cannot come through quick fixes. Toughing it out won’t work.

What will work is a lifestyle change – changes that are satisfying because they fit right. Behaviors and attitudes that become new habits because they are good and healthy, lasting, and satisfying. Increasing our generosity by increasing our giving incrementally. Donating our time doing things we have a passion for. Helping change poverty, human trafficking, and global changes first by increasing our awareness of these things, and then by determining how we might become involved. This is the kind of readiness and preparation that we can sustain until the day Jesus calls us home.

Thank you, God, for preparing me. Now I just need to see that I can make the changes you wish to see. Amen.


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Luke 12:32-40

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