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John 13:21-32, Jesus Foretells his Betrayal

Key Verse

So when he had dipped the piece of bread, he gave it to Judas son of Simon Iscariot.
— John 13:26

RCL Daily Devotion for Wednesday, April 17, 2019

RCL Daily Devotions written by Stefanie K. Fauth from RCL Worship Resources (see more).


Judas was the betrayer.

In other gospels, Jesus is depicted as knowing he would be betrayed, but in this text, he knows EXACTLY who.

Did Jesus decide who it would be?

Was it a necessary part of the story?

Was Judas already pre-disposed to ugly choices?

It’s unclear. But what is clear is that even those in the presence of the living, breathing Christ are susceptible to evil and it’s affects.

Powerful and all-knowing God, we invite your Holy Spirit to fill us with your light. Protect us from the power of evil, guide our choices for what is good. Amen.


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John 13:21-32

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