Free Blessings for Pastoral or Congregational Use

Ever wish you had one little booklet that covered all the different types of blessings you'd like to do for your parish? Here it is. And it's digital, too.

Blessings: More Than Simple Words

A blessing from an ordained minister or lay leader (or from another person who cares) connects people with each other and to God. The words hold meaning, yes—but it's more than that. Blessings are an opportunity to invoke the name of God, not for magical, special favors, but for the acknowledgement of our common need from the source of life itself. RCL Worship Resources has developed a resource you are invited to use freely. You may wish to download them immediately.

Intercessions For Many of Life's Situations

Below is a list of the current blessings we have developed for church leaders. We will continue to expand this congregational resource as well as the other free church resources you will find on this site.

If you're looking for liturgy planning materials, we invite you to check out our sermon series and full-year RCL worship planning packages (which include stuff for children and families as well!)


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