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RCL Worship Resources for Your Church, Now

by Daniel D. Maurer—Author, Writer, Designer at RCL Worship Resources

It seems that pastors and congregational leaders are always looking for ways to develop a worship-planning strategy with resources online from the web. The difficulty is that there are so many options to choose from! How do church leaders sift out the wheat from the chaff?

RCL Worship Resources by Clergy Stuff was created for this very reason—we want to provide meaningful free church resources as well as cost-effective, full-year planning materials for progressive Christian leaders from many Protestant denominations.

Developing Expressive Worship for the Revised Common Lectionary

Any Lutheran, Presbyterian, UCC, Episcopal, Methodist or progressive Baptist congregation using the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) wants reliably consistent resources to prepare for Sunday worship. What's more, each congregation's cultural context needs to be taken into consideration.

The writers at RCL Worship Resources have carefully crafted the calls to worship, Eucharistic prayers, and search long and hard to assemble hymn & praise music selections for your church. Long providers for Narrative Lectionary resources, Clergy Stuff now will be also developing planning and resource materials for the RCL.

Each liturgical church season for the Revised Common Lectionary is taken into consideration so leaders can choose what they want to include for the Sunday or mid-week service. But RCL Worship Resources goes well beyond simply planning for the liturgy—children's sermons and messages, and family devotionals (God's Story–Our Story™) have been prepared for use in your faith context.

The images for worship (and inclusion in church newsletters) are completely free for your use and we encourage churches to take advantage of the many other free informational articles and guides, including a church blessing resource and anti-racism resources you won't easily find online.

At RCL Worship Resources, we will continue to develop further materials such as our daily devotional for the Revised Common Lectionary. We hope that you will also take advantage of the many sermon series based off the RCL and particular themes in scripture.

As always, if you have questions or comments to help develop this website, we welcome your feedback. Thank you for visiting!


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Daniel D. Maurer, Writer & Editorial Team Member at RCL Worship Resources by Clergy Stuff™