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Why we do what we do.

The above video is from Split Rock Lighthouse on the north shore of Lake Superior near Silver Bay, Minnesota. I have provided this video, because, strangely, it's an appropriate allegory behind the rationale for this website.

A lighthouse warns incoming ships of danger. Or . . . at least they once did—nowadays they are appropriated more toward tourism and history than anything. They are also an extension of human development placed in often scenic and natural settings. Lighthouses perch not only on scenic cliffs, but also within the liminal edge of that-which-humans wrought and that-which-the-Almighty wrought.

Worship is a lot like this.

Christian worship is as varied and found in as myriad forms as there are lighthouses. And like a lighthouse, worship serves as a beacon, but less so as a warning and more as a place of refuge. In a world where GPS has replaced lighthouses and one in which the internet has replaced "real" books or resource materials, so worship can become disconcerting or even arouse feelings of nostalgia. However, lighthouses will still be relevant, if, for anything in that they were a precursor to the technological changes yet to come. Worship must continue to strike the balance between its past traditions and continue to remain relevant in an ever-changing world.

RCL Worship Resources humbly serves as a lighthouse for lighthouses. (On top of that, we have some pretty funky technology updated into our tower.) We hope that this website will not only be a place where you can purchase worship preparation materials, but also a place to return to for free Christian progressive resources, daily devotions, as well as current church-related worship and other trends.

Thank you for visiting! We hope that you find these resources useful to your ministry. And remember to always keep your light brightly shining.

Best to you, always...

Daniel D. Maurer – Author, Freelance Writer, and Site Manager for RCL Worship Resources

Dr. Kimberly Leetch – Founder and Editor in Chief, Clergy Stuff & Writer for RCL Worship Resources

Rev. Stefanie Fauth – Creative Content & Production Associate & Writer for RCL Worship Resources


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